The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

A YouTube-based orchestral audition and mash-up site for classical musicians around the world - featuring most of the world's top orchestras... LSO, Michael Tilson Thomas, Tan Dun, Lang Lang, Johannes Moser and symphony orchestras around the world... Personally I think it is very exciting as it opens up the potential of online collaborations for the most conservative parts of the musical world, as well as presenting possibilities for other creative conspiracies beyond film... theatres, choirs, dance, even ballet??
Probably more technically intriguing is what can be done with all the submissions above and beyond the classical-musicians'-got-talent american-idol type project. For example it's not hard to imagine a tool that lets you mash up the submissions into an international online orchestra composed solely of piccolos from portugal, brazilian bass, venezuelan violins, croat clarinets,  french flautists, and tone-deaf trombonists... Imagine what happens when left-handed latvian lute-players is the only filter...
[Full disclosure - I've been working on this for the last 18 months so i tend to get a bit over excited about the possibilities.]