Oops! Suddenly the future's yucky : Apple in "non-green" shocker.

Fresh from the sweet, crisp, golden delicious that is the iPhone: a recent Greenpeace scorecard, ranks Apple lower than HP, Dell, Nokia, and Sony in their survey of how green electronics firms are. i.e. running 'proper' & global recycling programs and reducing toxic chemicals and plastics in manufacture.

Apple is rotten to the core it seems - but Steve Jobs calls their claims 'bullshit'. So that's OK.

Well now; tricky one. I love Apple, I love Greenpeace. I want to believe both. But Apple's energy efficiency pages only matches what Greenpeace already confirm. I feel personally annoyed because I've used these pages to defend Apple in the past - guess I should have researched further :
"Many of the changes Apple takes environmental credit for (Flat screens replacing CRT monitors, wireless reducing cables, banning certain chemicals) are just side-effects of changes made for design considerations or required by new laws." - Greenpeace

It seems so bad Greenpeace even have a campaign dedicated to getting Apple to change their ways. You can see more here: www.greenmyapple.org/
or just take a bite at the bad apple here and write straight to Steve: http://www.greenmyapple.org/mact-write.html

I've always defended and loved my mac; this sort of stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not happy.