Gold at Cannes. Black at D&AD

At its heart Google is a creative business, and in marketing we do our bit - trying to share the magic of our products with our users.
We're really not motivated by awards... but then I would say that; and it's certainly not everyday that you work on a Gold Cannes Lions winning campaign - yet somehow this year I was involved in three: Art Project, Life in a Day and Voice Search outdoor, not to mention glory by association with Wilderness Downtown and the Chrome campaigns.
I was up and down those steps like pro by the end of June as Creative Lab ended up with 1 Grand Prix, 6 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze Cannes Lions as well as 1 Black Pencil & 2 Gold Pencils at D&AD

- The Wilderness Downtown (Cyber Grand Prix winner): an interactive music video for Arcade Fire showed off Chrome’s features.
- Chrome Speed Tests: a series of lab-like experiments on YouTube demonstrated Chrome's speed.
- The Google Art Project: adapted Street View technology to let people virtually navigate museums and galleries around the world.
- UK Voice Search: a series of billboard ads with phonetic spellings touted our mobile app’s voice search chops.
- Demo Slam: (remember Chubby Bunny, Extra Spicy, and Mount Rushmore?) showcased users’ innovative applications of our technology and asked them to vote up a winner.
- Life in a Day: Ridley Scott asked YouTube users around the world to upload footage from July 24, 2010, which was then turned into a feature film.