Notes from Watershed's Playable City conference

I gave an unusual talk - beamed into Bristol's Watershed - for the Playable City Conference in Sept 2014.  As a guest of their wonderfully enthusiastic and ambitious director Clare Reddington. Here are my notes from the talk (unabridged and unedited). I also made a bit of a video version as well. >>

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Notes from a keynote: REMIX 2014

In the deluge of conferences and talk shops - Remix is one of the few I wouldn't do without.

Sitting (lonely) at the junction of culture, technology and entrepreneurship it brings together naturally creative, curious and organizationally capable people. I find it refreshing and challenging (and a tiny bit chaotic). It reminded me why I love the arts. 

I gave a 20 minute keynote at Remix's Sydney conference in May 2014. And listened to some fabulous speakers.  Hopefully soon I will be able to embed a video of the talk here.

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Google's Big Tent Sydney

Google brought their Big Tent to Sydney last year and invited a number of people to talk about the internet and it's impact on the future, and the current state of the arts and culture. Obviously I opted to talk about the future of everything. Not exactly my 'most watched' talk (and I'm wearing a shirt). But here it is anyway: